Settled in Paris last few days to complete on stage with lighting before the dress rehearsal Saturday 28th Jan.
Not quite finished but usual at this stage.
Process continues way into the performances…
The technical department at Theatre National de Chaillot are very helpful and that side of things are running smoothly.
Our team have worked with solid devotion since September.
Thank you all.

Photo: Dana Fouras


Back to work for us.
Finally- the full cast of The Rodin Project in the studio today.
3 weeks in London then on to Paris for a week technical time on stage at Chaillot before the premiere on 31st January.
Every minute counts.

Photo: Dana Fouras

Time in Japan

Spent the past 10 days in Tokyo with Sylvie Guillem, Robert Lepage and the Ex Machina crew performing Eonnagata.
Great audiences, great experiences.
Plum wine with lime over ice. Shabu shabu with Kobe beef. Meeting Eitetsu Hayashi (Japan’s premier solo TAIKO drummer)
The general peace of this incredible city with all their public services so locked down it brings every day life back to appreciating the simple pleasures.

Hope to return soon !

Sally McKay » Blog Archive » Russell Maliphant Company perform AfterLight

Sally McKay » Blog Archive » Russell Maliphant Company perform AfterLight.

Love the drawings of artist Sally McKay of Daniel Proietto in AfterLight.

She has been in the studio with us this week drawing the dancers in rehearsal for The Rodin Project.

New Work

Follow the new creation of The Rodin Project (working title)
Inspirations, Studio updates and the usual ball ache technical problem solving.

Photo: Charlotte MacMillan

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